Who we are

Biscottificio Corronca is a family business specialized in the production of typical Sardinian sweets since 1979.

An experience that lasts from 1979

  • In 1979 the brothers Rita and Salvatore succeeded in realizing their idea starting the family company "Biscottificio Corronca" in a tiny bakery located in the heart of San Sperate.
  • In 2001 the increasing production and its diversification make necessary for the factory to move in the current laboratory that also allows the installation of more advanced facility



  • Corronca has now a staff made of 12 people, a range of more than 20 different sweets and hundreds of clients all over Italy, being able to keep the same craftsmanship of ever.
  • The company finally decides to create a brand, so it started by creating the current logo Corronca which represents one of the most ancient murals of San Sperate with the shape of the typical "ballo sardo" (sardinian dance).

Our mission

What Corronca wants to offer is not a simple sweet but a set of values and memories related to Sardinia and its rich culture, which Sardinian people are so proud of. Our mission is to distribute via the pleasure of eating our sweets the reputation that this island has always deserved.


In the rest of Italy we made it and now we aim to get success also outside the peninsula.