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The pardula is considered the most typical Sardinian sweet, it has very old origins in our culture and it has many versions depending on the place it comes from. Our Pardula is obtained by the combination of refined ingredients as saffron and ricotta cheese which are daily submitted to a very strict selection in order to confer the right taste, softness and aspect to our favourite sweet. 


Ricotta cheese (sheep/got milk's serum), Sugar, Common wheat flour type "00", Eggs or derivates, Water, Durum wheat flour, Lard,

Preservatives : sorbic acid E200, Flavourings, Vanillin, Saffron. 

It may contain cereals, gluten, milk and derivates.

MAP tray 250 Gr 12 pz per box
MAP tray 1.4 Kg 02 pz per box


MAP PACKAGE 250gr x 12
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MAP PACKAGE 1400gr x 2
PARDULAS 1400gr x 2pz.pdf
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