Sapa Cake

A cake with sapa's flavour.

This sweet is another version of the pan'e sapa, in fact in some villages of the island they actually share the same name, this sweet is a soft sponge cake with sapa flavor and almonds.


Soft wheat flour type "00", Sapa 22% (honey, flavorings), Sultana (Sultana grape, cottonseed oil is not hydrogenated), sugar, eggs and / or derivatives, water, milk, lard, almonds, yeast (sodium acid pyrophosphate (E450i), baking soda (E500ii), corn starch), Saporita (coriander seeds, cinnamon, caraway seeds, cloves, nutmeg, star anise), Herbs, Vanilline. processing aid (vegetable oil, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vegetable wax).

It may contain traces of milk products and derivatives, eggs and, sulfur dioxide.

plastic box 350 Gr 12 pz per box


350gr x 12 PACKAGE
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